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Tołpa Dermo Face - Sebio. Normalizing deep cleansing mask 2x6 ml

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 Tołpa Dermo Face - Sebio. Normalizing deep cleansing mask 2x6 ml


Dermo Face - Sebio. Normalizing deep cleansing mask.

5% AHA
exfoliates and renews the skin
reduces imperfections


For sensitive, mixed, oily, acne skin and skin with imperfections.

Our dermo-cosmetic
exfoliates rough skin and deeply cleanse pores. Absorbs and normalizes the secretion of sebum. Adjusts keratosis, improves skin texture and reduces the number of
blackheads. This prevents the formation of lumps, pustules and accelerates the elimination dermal changes. It prevents the formation of acne spots. Promotes
regeneration of micro-injuries. It leaves the skin smooth and matte for a long time.

Small great ingredients
peat tołpa.® AHA acids 5% - extracts of passion fruit, grapes and pineapple on a standardized acid content: glycolic acid, lactic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid,
aloe vera extract, licorice extract, green clay.

0% of allergens, artificial coloring, PEG-s, SLS, silicones, soap, parabens and formaldehyde donors.

natural color
botanical active ingredients
physiological pH
environmentally safe packaging - recyclable

How to use: Apply the mask to cleansed face avoiding the eye area. After 5-10 minutes rinse with water. Use once a week. The mask contains AHA acids, so in the
application may appear slight, transient stinging sensation on the skin.

Country of Origin: Poland

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